A simple solution to the balance you crave.

Find Your Balance

Indroducing the mozen™ All-in-One Pen.

We keep you sane when life gets insane.

A smart and safe way to enjoy cannabis.

About Us

Our Promise

Honest Guidance

Choosing a healthy solution and achieving balance shouldn’t require a PhD. Let us keep you in the zone with no hassle.

Simple Access

We have thought of you at every step in the mozen experience, making access easy and intuitive.

Safe Product

Our award-winning oil and recyclable vaporizer pens are tested for your convenience and safety.

Our Mission

A Simple Solution

Cannabis can be overwhelming. What do you do? What do all these names even mean? Unless you’re a connoisseur, the complexity of cannabis can add stress, when you’re trying to minimize it. That’s exactly why mozen exists: to simplify all aspects of the cannabis experience for the smart consumer.

Our customers will experience a smart, simple and safe way to enjoy cannabis, balance the daily stresses of life, and relieve their health concerns.


Find Your Balance:

Seize The Day

Put some pep in your step with mozen's Seize the Day pen. Create, focus, workout, or heal your body. Whether it's a passion project or holidays with family: go get some shit done.

Focus, alertness, and anti-inflammatory

Prominent Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene
Capacity: 500mg
THC:CBD    4:1 40% THC / 10% CBD

Power Up

Treat yourself with mozen's Power Up pen. Go big, make your body feel good, or use it just for shitz and giggles. Get your swerve on and live the dream.

Energetic & uplifting

Prominent Terpenes: Limonene, Pinene
Capacity: 500mg
THC: 80%

Rest & Chill

Take a little vacay with Mozen’s Rest & Chill pen. Unwind and relax because reality bites. Sexytime, anytime Destress and mend your body. Worries – what worries?

Stress relief, libido lifter, pain relief, anti-inflammatory

Prominent Terpenes: Linalool, Mercyne
Capacity: 500mg
THC:CBD    2:1 40% THC / 20% CBD

Lights Out

Tired or had enough BS for today? Find relief with mozen's Lights Out pen. Do your body good and heal the pain. Couch lock, shut off your brain, and go the F to sleep. Peace out!

Sedative, anti-anxiety

Prominent Terpenes: Linalool, Mercyne
Capacity: 500mg
THC: 80%


How Strong Is It?

Filled in dots show strength.

How To Use It

Inhale once, wait 5-10 minutes. Repeat for desired effect as needed.

Approximately 200 puffs per battery.


• Better performance if mozen All-in-One Pen is kept upright.

• To prevent accidental leaking, please store mozen All-in-One Pen away from direct heat and sunlight.


• We source only high quality organic cannabis & whole-plant CBD (not hemp CBD)

• Our oil is CO2 extracted, solvent-free and is made with no cutting agents or synthetic terpenes producing the cleanest and best tasting experience available

• We have customized and unique terpene profiles for each of our 4 strains

Contact Us

EMAIL: info@getmozen.com